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Multilog CruisingLog


Multilog is ideal for anyone who needs to show that they have visited a place at a given time.

It is ideal for small security companies, health or social workers or even tourists who would like record where they have been.

Multilog is ideal for these tasks as it is takes up a very small amount of memory, or can be transfered to your phones SD card with almost no loss of performance.

CruisingLog was designed primarily for people who cruise the inland waterways of Britain. The waterways authorities frequently request that a cruising log is kept.

Keeping such a log can be onerous and extemely difficult if you are away from towns or villages. CruisingLog uses GPS to give you an accurate location.

The log can be displayed as a map, a list, or a highly detailed email over periods of up to a year.

Photologging has been added in Version 4, as has a new "Public Display" feature allowing friends, family or even customers to find you easily

Check out the Multilog User Manual here Check out the new V4 CruisingLog User Manual here