Multilog users Manual


Multilog has been  designed for anyone who needs to show the places they have been to. Ideal for security companies, care workers, or anyone who may need to show that they have been to a particular place.   

Multilog is a simple and extremely lightweight app that logs your location at the press of a button. It keeps a record of date, time and location.

The reporting is as accurate as the position reporting used by any other GPS system and could be invaluable should any dispute as to your movements arise.


The first time you start Multilog

When you first start Multilog it will ask you to fill in your name, a personal ID if that is appropriate, and the default email address to send emails to. This is to ensure the correct formatting of any emails generated by Multilog.

It will also ask you what your preferences are for date format (D/M/Y or M/D/Y) and whether your preferred distance unit is Miles or Kilometres.  These settings are for reporting only and do not affect the database so you can change them anytime.

In order to return to the reporting details screen just click on the basic details button in the main screen. 



This is simple and straightforward. Start Multiog and wait for it to acquire a GPS or network position, press the "Log Position" button when it turns green and quit the program (or use the Map, List or Email buttons). The accuracy information is shown in orange if the accuracy of the satellite fix or network location fix is greater than 100 metres. In such a case it is often better to wait a few moments for the accuracy to improve, but it is not essential. Logging will work without Internet access but Multilog will not be able to show the locality that you are in. Multilog will always record the Latitude and Longitude, and that is the essential information.   


Reporting is done via the Map, List and Email buttons, those you have not selected will have white text showing that they are still available options. All reporting options show a progress bar and a small "spinner" to show that the system is working while they are processing.



Mapping your route is fun and easy, it shows your route over the time period you choose. Press "Map", choose the time period and press the "Show Map" button.

The mapping process uses Google Maps so access to the internet is required. 



List follows the same routine as Map but produces a simple, scrollable on screen list of dates, distances, and locations.


This is a detailed report of your movements over a given time period, an invaluable tool should you get into any form of dispute that relates to your movements. Just press the email button, and enter the time period. Enter the email address where it is to be sent if different from the default and press the send button. If your phone has multiple email clients they will be shown and you must choose one. The email will then be displayed and you can send it.


 Multilog will start your phone's email process. I have included screen shots from my phone as a guide, but yours may well be different. Just send the email (you may have to close the keyboard it raises by a back click).  The email should be easily readable on your PC, but may not be perfectly aligned depending on the font you,or more correctly, your email client, has used.


Overall considerations:

Using the reporting functions (Email, List and Map) will suspend logging, and restart it, if needed, when they finish. They can be used at any time.

Using the reporting functions is processor intensive, using reporting periods as short as possible to achieve the task you need to complete is the best way to use the system.

The period shown in the "Select time period" will be used unless you change it. If you have not entered a time period and you press the "Send", "Show Map" or "Show List" the time period screen will open to allow you to select a time period, Once that is done you will have to re-press the "Send", "Show Map" or "Show List" button to initiate the action

Normally it is sensible to log your position before doing any reporting as reporting is always up to the current date. 

Multilog  needs an internet signal for Emailing and for Mapping and to get the place name. If you get "No location available" as your location then you probably have not got a good internet connection. Your actual position will still be logged. 

Logging your position requires "line of sight" to at least some of the the GPS satellites or a position from the local network towers. Take note of the accuracy shown as network positions can be inaccurate by a few kilometres away from major towns.

It is recommended that you place Multilog on the home screen of your Android phone, it makes registration so much quicker and easier.

Android considerations

In order to use your phone's GPS it must be turned on. You will find this in your phones settings. Settings>location>use GPS>satellites. It is possible to use the wireless networks option for location if you are in a well populated area but doing so can also lead to highly inaccurate results in less populated areas.

By default Multilog is installed in your phon'e memory. If you wish to move it to the phone's SD card that is under  settings>applications>Multilog.


Where do I get Multilog?

To download this app click on the button or, normally much easier, start the Google Play app on your Android Phone and search for "multilog" 

Get it on Google Play